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Auto Insurance FAQ

  • Do Cars with Better Safety Ratings Get Lower Insurance Rates?

    When shopping for a new or used car, many consumers look at the safety of the vehicle. And one of the best ways to tell if a car is safe is how it scores on crash tests conducted by organizations like the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) and its affiliate organization, the Highway...

  • How is the Cost of Car Insurance Calculated?

    Insurance companies calculate the cost of car insurance premiums based on a variety of key factors. To do this they need you to provide personal information about the driver(s) the car and the location.Once collected this data will determine the risk level of the applicant. The risk level will...

  • How to Negotiate with an Auto Insurance Adjuster

    If you have ever been in a motor vehicle accident, you’ve dealt with an auto insurance adjuster. How did it go for you? What? You didn’t get as much money as you expected? Join the crowd. Many people have negative stories about their experiences with these insurance mavens. But the relationship...

Auto Insurance News

  • Car Seat Use Up, Deaths Among Children Down 43%

    Even though health officials say the increased use of car seats and booster seats drove the decline, one-third of the children 12 and under who died in 2011 were not buckled up. Over a decade, the number of children 12 and under who died in crashes dropped by 43 percent, according to a new...

  • Progressive’s August Profits Cut in Half

    Progressive reported its profits for August were a whopping 51 percent below its August 2012 profits, underperforming by $72.4 million. The insurer reported the results on Thursday. The sharp year-over-year drop in Progressive profits appears to be an anomaly caused by abnormally high revenues the...

  • Walmart to Begin Selling Auto Insurance

    Walmart has partnered with to offer car insurance to its customers at "everyday low prices." The new arrangement provides an auto insurance comparison service through the website from national insurance carriers that include Progressive, Esurance, Safeco,...